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Group Training Classes for Dogs

Seven week old golden retriever puppy outdoors on a sunny day.

Ridgeside K9 Central FL offers group classes in Ocala, FL that provide a controlled distraction setting to advance on your obedience skills. Under the watchful eye of the trainers, you can teach your dog to ignore competing motivators such as other dogs, people and dropped treats.

A group setting is a great way to work your dog in a controlled chaotic environment, under supervision of an experienced trainer, to help you through any issues you and your dog may be having. It helps your dog learn to pay attention to you in public, busy environments.

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Group classes are a great place to teach your dog to ignore other people and dogs. They can be in a controlled environment to work on reactivity, without the worry of being judged or accidentally having a fight. Group classes help dogs navigate hectic situations without losing focus on their owner.

Group Classes Help With:

  • Reactivity
  • Ignore Competing Motivators
  • Proofing Basic commands
  • Proofing recall under distraction
  • Exposure to new environments
  • Proper Socialization

What Does Our Group Class Training Involve?

In this training you will be under the supervision of at least one experienced trainer. You will get some focused attention from an experienced trainer. You will get the opportunity to learn how to set your dog up for success. We provide training equipment while in class. We provide controlled distractions.

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