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Is Your Dog Destructive?

Are you constantly finding your dog chewing on things or tearing up the backyard?

We know how frustrating it can be when your dog doesn’t listen, barks excessively, or chews things up.  We’ll work with you and your dog to correct unwanted behaviors like jumping, leash pulling, and more.
Ridgeside K9 Central FL understands that every dog learns differently and has different needs.  Our team of expert dog trainers is capable of correcting misbehaviors of all sorts.


we can train every dog no matter the age, breed, size, or problem.

Basic & Advanced Dog Obedience Training

The “basics” are never as basic as many believe. The “basics” must be the foundation the dog can fall back on under stress and when in a state of drive. As with all things – the stronger the foundation the stronger the structure. However, if the foundation is weak, no matter how fancy the structure is it will eventually fail.

Our training goal is always to provide your dog with the strongest obedience foundation possible in the allotted time we have to ensure you and your dog can fall back on obedience whenever needed in real-world situations.

Let us help put an end to bad behavior!

Start Enjoying Life With Your Well-Trained Dog

At Ridgeside K9 Central FL, we understand that the foundation of all successful dog training lies in dog obedience training. It’s easy to underestimate how important this is for everything from pet training to high-levels of obedience competitions – if your dog doesn’t have a strong understanding of basic commands and communication then no matter what else you do with them it will likely fall apart eventually!

That’s why our goal is always to provide every pup with an unbreakable base they can rely on when times get tough or distractions arise.

"I am very impressed with the work ethic and dedication of this board and train business. They begin by listening attentively to owners about the dog’s needs, their concerns, their trials and their hopes for their dog’s future. From the moment that the dog is accepted into their care, the dog is treated as if they are their own personal pet."
Glenna T.

Jay Nix

Expert Dog Trainer

Ridgeside K9 Central Florida is owned and operated by Jay Nix. Jay was born and raised in his hometown of Ocala FL and is a 22 year veteran law enforcement officer. Jay started with the agency in 2000 and joined the agency’s K9 Unit in early 2003. Jay worked as a K9 handler in both the patrol division and investigative division, eventually becoming the agency head K9 trainer, where he was responsible for each K9 teams training and annual certifications. He was also responsible for teaching the K9 School for all new K9 teams both at his agencies as well as other agencies in the North Central Florida area. in addition, Jay supervised the K9 Unit and the Highway Interdiction Unit while also continuing to handle his own police dogs. He is still an active duty law enforcement officer, currently serving as Special Ops Commander and Gun Dog Detection Supervisor.

Professional Dog Training & Boarding Services

Custom Dog Training Programs

  • Board and Train
  • Private Dog Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Boarding
  • Behavior Modification
  • Personal Protection
  • Group Dog Classes
  • Police K9 Training

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