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Aggression issues plague many dog households. Often aggression falls heavily on communication issues. Dogs get confused about what is expected of them and take it upon themselves to interpret their response to situations and interactions.

Thus when dogs fall back on instinctual drives behaviors such as resource guarding, object obsession, being protective, aggressive, and possessive can all work their way to the surface and become a safety issue.

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We Will Help Stop Your Dog's Aggression Issues

Is your furry best friend overreactive to strangers or other dogs?

Ridgeside K9 Central FL’s Behavior Modification and Aggression Rehab Programs are 4 to 6 weeks long, depending on the severity. Our professional animal behaviorists can identify the cause of the problem and teach people the right way to handle their pet’s aggressive tendencies.

Ridgeside K9 will work with dogs that are aggressive toward people and or other animals. Such dogs may snarl, snap, or even attack.  During training, we will work on obedience and control as we also work on your dog’s aggression issues. Dealing with aggressive dogs is NOT a quick fix; that is why training is much longer. Also, not all dogs can be rehabilitated. We cannot change the genetic composition, but we will give you absolute control of your dog and teach you how to handle it.

We Will Help Stop Your Dog's Aggression Issues

Why Do Some Dogs Show Aggression?

Medical Problem

Fear Aggression

Dominance Issues

Predatory aggression

Possession aggression

redirected aggression

"I am very impressed with the work ethic and dedication of this board and train business. They begin by listening attentively to owners about the dog’s needs, their concerns, their trials and their hopes for their dog’s future. From the moment that the dog is accepted into their care, the dog is treated as if they are their own personal pet."
Glenna T.

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About Ridgeside K9 Central FL

Ridgeside K9 Central FL is a certified professional dog training company with over 20 years experience. We are a full service training company, who offers board and train programs for both puppies and adults, advanced off-leash obedience training programs, aggression rehabilitation training programs for dogs with genuine aggression issues, behavioral modification programs, and puppy foundational obedience programs. We are locally owned and operated in Ocala, Florida and offer services covering the North Central, FL area. We help our clients with creating realistic goals and expectations for their dogs. Followed by creating custom obedience training programs that not only allow pet owners to reach those goals and expectations, but also incorporate them in their everyday lives. We train any breed, any age, and any behavior! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to not only educate dogs but their owners. We will spend hours with you and your family explaining WHY these things happen and more importantly how to avoid them in the future and how to appropriately respond when things do happen.

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